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Boost knowledge, solve safety and security challenges, and make connections with fellow professionals developing the next generation of self-driving technology

Autonomous Vehicles Online identifies and highlights the future trends that will shape the self-driving car industry. 

This event invites expert speakers to establish the current state of the autonomous vehicle industry as it stands in 2020 while our specially invited sponsors will delve into key issues in the field of sensors and software technology, and we’ll also look at trends in automated delivery vehicles.

Key Topics

    • Giving an overview of the state of the autonomous car industry, highlighting the progress made up to now
    • Highlighting significant issues being faced right now, related to security, safety and legislation
    • Sharing a series of case studies of what the leading companies are delivering to benchmark areas of growth

Our Expert Speakers

Agenda 2020

4th NOVEMBER 2020

09:00 ET
Anupam Gupta, Head of Engineering & Lead, Coe  - Verification & validation, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions
Matthias Schmidt, Product Manager, Verification and validation, Bosch Engineering GmbH

10:00 ET 
Pierre Olivier, Chief Technology Officer, Leddartech

11:00 ET
Ilan Hayat, Director of Automotive, Business Development, Vayyar Imaging

12:00 ET
Andrey Madan, Sr. Solutions Architect, Parasoft
Neil Langmead, Director of Professional Services, Lattix

5th NOVEMBER 2020

Elpidoforos Arapantonis, Solution Architect, Volvo Car Corporation

Håkan Sivencrona, Safety officer, Zenseact

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