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Autonomous Vehicles Digital 2020

We're continuing the conversations from Autonomous Vehicles (Silicon Valley) Online, August 11-12! Access the agenda to for insight into the speaker line-up, topics, sessions and more.If you'd prefer a copy via email, please


Autonomous Vehicles Online Current Attendee Snapshot

Interested in who you can expect to virtually network with August 11-12 at Autonomous Vehicles Online? Check out the Current Attendee Snapshot!If you'd prefer a copy via email, please contact us at

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Autonomous Vehicles Past Attendee Snapshot - Detroit

Interested in who you can expect to meet October 5-7 in Detroit at Autonomous Vehicles? Check out the Past Attendee Snapshot to see who attended AV Detroit in 2019.

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Need help convincing your boss to attend Autonomous Vehicles Detroit, August 19-21? We've got you covered. Access the customizable Convince Your Boss Letter now!


Exclusive Interview with Cruise Automation

Ahead of Autonomous Vehicles Detroit, we had the opportunity to speak with Henry Greenidge, Regional Public Affairs, East Coast at Cruise Automation.Access this exclusive interview for insights into:Cruise Automation plans to launch a driverless ride-share companyThe Cruise Origin Vehicle - it's autonomous, electric and sharedHow the company is changing accessibility...

Exclusive Interview with Nuro

We had the opportunity to sit down with Emily Weslosky, Lead Product Manager at Nuro! Access the interview for exclusive insights into: The role Nuro plays in the emerging AV ecosystem Nuro’s mission to accelerate the benefits of robotics for everyday life How Nuro is transforming accessibility and sustainability in...

Watch: Expert Interviews

Interview with Jody Kelman, Product Lead, Self-Driving Platform Team, Lyft

In this interview, Jody Kelman shares insight on overcoming government regulations and the competitive landscape with Uber.

Interview with Dr. Aravind Kailas, Research and Innovation Manager at Volvo Trucks

In this interview, Dr. Aravind Kailas shares insight on the implications for long-haul autonomous trucks, Volvo's most innovative technological advancements, and how he feels about the Tesla Semi Truck!

Interview with Jeremy McClain, Director for Systems and Technology, Chassis & Safety Division at Continental Automotive North America

In this interview, Jeremy McClain shares insight on their partnership with NVIDIA, reducing the number of automotive fatalities, and overcoming the negative public perception of autonomous cars.. 

Interview with Dr. Robert Sadowski, Chief Roboticist at U.S. Army TARDEC

In this interview, Dr. Robert Sadowski shares insight on Autonomous Vehicles Defense Applications.

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Solution providers - we have digital opportunities available to connect you to the Automotive community looking for your specific solution! Keep your message in the market, generate fresh leads and maintain strong brand awareness through our digital sponsorship opportunities. Check out our Media Kit! Discover how you can utilize our...

Autonomous Vehicles Detroit: Past Attendee List

Here is a list of the job titles and organizations that attended last year's Autonomous Vehicles conference. Take a look to get an idea of who you can expect to meet in Detroit this coming October.If you'd prefer a copy via email, please contact

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[Infographic] AVs to Solve the Last Mile Delivery Conundrum

Access the infographic on How AVs can Solve the Last Mile Delivery Conundrum to learn more about:How companies like Amazon are turning to autonomous vehicles to satisfy customer needsInsight into the ways autonomous vehicles can solve challenges in last mile deliveryUpdate on current status of last mile delivery solutions through...

Exclusive Interview with Ryan Chin, Optimus Ride

We had the opportunity to gain exclusive insights from Ryan Chin, Co-Founder and Ceo at Optimus Ride!Access the interview to learn more about how autonomous vehicles will change cities as we know them, lessons learned from Optimus Ride's recent deployment in Washington D.C. and Brooklyn, NY, why Optimus Ride believes...

Everything You Need to Know: AI & Autonomous Vehicles

As the automotive industry moves towards autonomous, artificial intelligence plays a big role. AI has the potential to enhance several areas of the automotive industry: through manufacturing, driver assistance, safety and security, V2X communications, personalization and much more. Access the industry brief for insight into the ways artificial intelligence can...

The Present and Future State of Autonomous Vehicle Safety Features

Where do we stand in terms of safety in autonomous vehicles? Access Auto IQ's latest brief for insights into:The current and future state of AV safety featuresEmerging trends in car safety featuresThe automotive industry's top guiding principals for developing features in AVHow the industry in overcoming safety challenges on vehicle,...

What does your passenger want? Balancing Innovation with Design and Functionality

The ultimate symbol of freedom, automobiles have always been more than a sum of their parts. However, with advancing technologies and changing consumer preferences, the automotive industry is experiencing a dynamic shift in how customers think about their automobiles. For urban dwelling millennials, car ownership does not always make sense...

2019 Presentations

AV Detroit 2019 Past Presentations: Talent, Culture & The Future of Mobility

If you missed out on AV Detroit 2019, we've got you covered! Checkout 4 PowerPoint Presentations from our 2019 Autonomous Vehicles Summit! This packet includes: 1. The Criticality of the Vehicle Operator within the SDV Enterprise by Christopher SanGiovanni, Head of Operational Safety, Uber 2. Driving Autonomous Vehicles Into Common...

AV Detroit 2019 Past Presentations: Safety, Data Integration & Innovation

1. Thinking Outside the Scope of ISO 21448 and ISO 26262: Functional Safety Challenges in Level 4 Autonomous Driving Platforms by Ali Houry, Functional Safety Engineering Manager, American HAVAL Motor Technology 2. Streamlining Unstructured Data Through Seamless Integration by Dr. Florian Baumann, CTO - Automotive & AI, Dell EMC 3....