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October 28 - 30, 2019
Embassy Suites by Hilton Milpitas Silicon Valley

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Automotive Cybersecurity Silicon Valley 2019 Agenda

You’re an automotive cybersecurity expert working within concept design, secure product development, post-production, or have oversight of corporate structure and forming internal policy to support cybersecurity efforts. You have concerns around how, at present, there’s no standardization of comm ...

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Post Show Report: Looking Back at Automotive Cybersecurity 2018

For a recap of what you may have missed at Automotive Cybersecurity 2018, our post-show report includes attendee overview, attendee reviews, our top rated 2018 speakers, and what you can expect in 2019. 

Past Attendee Snapshot

Take a look at some of the job titles and companies that attended the last iteration of Automotive Cyber Security. View the snapshot to see who could be joining you this year!

Exclusive Content

Data Security in Connected Vehicles

Connectivity has worked its way very quickly into automotive language, and the potential benefits of connected vehicles are widespread. The notion of autonomous cars driving us around while communicating with the infrastructure and other vehicles is no longer a vision, but fast becoming a reality. With huge amounts of data...

Cost Engineering in the Disruptive Era of Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric Mobility

Automotive expert, Peter Els, examines how cost engineering has evolved into a discipline vital for continued profitability and survival of manufacturers as the automotive industry transitions to provide Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric Mobility in this new report.

Q&A: Christoph Stadler, Developer of Automated Driving Simulation Audi AG

Exclusive Q&A with Christoph Stadler, Developer of Automated Driving Simulation at Audi AG, about the key issues he faces as a developer of autonomated driving simulation. 

Cyber Security Challenges: Focuses for 2019

New report from the Cyber Security Hub from a survey about the annual spend and trends in the cybersecurity industry. 

ISO 21434 Framework

A cybersecurity process framework will be defined by the standard, including a common language for communicating and managing cybersecurity risk among stakeholders. Important to note, however, is that the standard will not prescribe specific technical solutions related to cybersecurity because it must account for new threats and vulnerabilities that can...

Prioritizing Cybersecurity

With today’s connected vehicles containing such complex E/E architecture, cybersecurity must be considered across an array of interrelated systems and networks.The cars of tomorrow - particularly autonomous vehicles - will provide a vast number of benefits to the consumer. However, with everything from steering to infotainment controlled by computers, the...

Protect The Key- Or Don't Bother Encrypting Your Data

While encryption solutions will change with time, the importance of protecting the key will never change. In fact, the more effective the encryption technology, the more the key needs protecting. Read this new whitepaper from nCipher for the latest evolution for encryption technology. 

Rolling Out the Next-Generation of Cybersecurity

The rapid adoption of connected vehicle technology and the trend towards autonomous driving has highlighted the issue of cybersecurity in the automotive industry. What does the future of protecting against existing and unknown threats look like?

Cyber Security Regulatory Challenges

The automotive industry is changing at a faster pace than ever before, propelled forward by advances in technology which break the traditional developmental cycle mold. Self-driving vehicles, electrification and connected services are driving rapid development and while new technologies offer exciting possibilities, the industry as a whole must counterbalance this...

Automotive Cyber Security eBook

This exclusive ebook includes:ARTICLE #1 "How vulnerable are automakers to cyber attacks?"INFOGRAPHIC "Carjacking - risks of the internet-connected car"WHITEPAPER "Connected car driving change in defect detection"ARTICLE #2 "When does a cyber attack become a functional safety issue?"PRESENTATION #1 "Volvo presents collaborative security"PRESENTATION #2 "Stanley Law Group presents legal concerns for...

Past Presentations

Past Presentation Packet - Spring 2019

A collection of expert presentations from the Automotive Cybersecurity Detroit conference, March 2019. Includes:Developing Secure Strategies for Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates for Ground Vehicles, Ira McDonald, President/Software Architect, High North IncDeveloping and Attracting, Automotive Cybersecurity Expertise for the Automotive Community - Karl Heimer, Hemier & Associates LLCSecurity Architecture: Considerations for Automotive...

Presentation - Spring 2019: Establishing a Global Information Sharing Community to address Vehicle Cybersecurity Risks

In this workshop, delivered at the Automotive Cybersecurity Detroit 2019 conference, AUTO-ISAC Executive Director Faye Francy covers:Defining best practices for securing the vehicle ecosystem and providing guidance to implement guidelinesAddressing inhibitors to information sharing and the way aheadEfforts to expand organizational sharing in support of increased innovation and consumer safety

Past Presentations Packet - Fall 2018 [1]

Information-packed expert Presentations from the last Automotive Cyber Security Summit!Cybersecurity Safety Interdependencies - Kholoud Hatem, Functional Safety Manager, HELLAConnected Vehicles Security - Scott Andrews, VP, Technology, Connected Vehicle Trade AssociationCybersecurity at the Data Link Connector ISO 26262 USA - Bob Gruszczynski – VWoA OBD Communication Expert

Past Presentations Packet Fall 2018 [2]

Past Presentations from Automotive Cyber Security Summit:Secure & Smart Vehicle Architecture - Sriram Yarlagadda, Cyber Security Architect APTIVIdentifying the Top Cyber Security Essentials - Tim Frasier, Regional President Automotive Electronics, North America, Robert Bosch LLCCyber Resiliency: Impact on Connected Vehicle Infrastructures - Nick Multari, Principal PM for Cyber Security, Pacific...

Past Presentations Packet Fall 2018 [3]

Information-packed expert presentations from the 2018 Automotive Cyber Security Summit:Building Secure ECUs and the First Steps Towards Resilient Architectures, Andre Weimerskirch, Vice President Cyber Security, Lear CorporationSecuring Vehicles of the Future: Privacy, Cyber Security, and Product Liability, Bill McDonald, Partner, Bush, Seyferth & Paige PLLC; Beth HIll, General Counsel, Chief...

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Cyber Security for a Connected Car: Strategic Priorities

We surveyed 325+ global automotive experts to learn where they are on their cyber security journey as the industry prepares for a connected future, their largest cyber security concerns, and how these concerns have impacted their strategic priorities.  As vehicles become more and more connected, the systems become more vulnerable...