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Tire Technology Conference

15th Annual Intelligent Tire Technology Conference is taking place between 26 - 28 November in Leipzig, Germany will dive deeper into the subject of intelligent tire.

Meet representatives from Continental Automotive GmbH, Ford Werke GmbH, Daimler AG, Manufacture Française des, University of Technology Dresden and learn about TPMS regulations, connected tire, highly automated driving, RFID, tire data, fleet management and more.

At the conference you will:

  • Exchange with experts on TPMS regulations, standards and business models
  • Identify the best solution for connected tire considering costs and transmission velocity
  • Get involved in the discussion on what sensor output is useful and necessary for highly automated driving
  • Find out about the development of RFID
  • Achieve a very good understanding on how tire data can be processed, stored and used, and by whom
  • Understand the ongoing business transformation of tire manufacturers to service provider
  • Look into the great potential of fleet management for tire companies
  • Network with experts from car & truck makers, tire manufacturers, telematics companies, sensor providers, software suppliers, cloud service providers, research institutes, political institutions, fleet management companies

Join discussions and enjoy networking with the industry experts.

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