Event Focussing on TPMS and Intelligent Tires

The tire industry is changing drastically as tire manufacturers tranform into service provider - learn more about the smart tire that allows for this transformation!

Smart tires are meant to able to sense or measure all kind of information related to the tire itself, to road conditions, to vehicle dynamics and driving behavior. Added on this, smart tires are equipped with an identity (ID). Having collected all those information, smart tires need to transmit this information to the vehicle, to the driver, to the infrastructure etc.

This conference will tackle all those topics and challenges by focusing on

Tire sensor | TPMS | tire information | tire ID | data management | fleet management

Including a site visit at the Porsche Circuit!

Download the agenda for more information: https://www.automotive-iq.com/events-automotive-tires/agenda-mc

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Reasons to Attend

Learn about competition coming from China, India and Brazil - and how to out-stand
Join in on the discussion about standards for tire sensors

   Get the latest updates on advanced tire technology

Gain a competitive edge with lessons learned, prototypes, and case studies from the biggest OEMs, tire manufacturers, and start-ups

How advanced solutions like TPMS highly increase fleet management efficiency, as well as reduces its costs

Discover the latest solutions your peers found for tires on autonomous vehicles
Build a solid understanding of the right data processing and data sharing challenges and opportunities
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