10 - 13 February, 2020 | Titanic Chaussee Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Giorgio Mantovani

P&D, Innovation Alternative Traction & Electrification, Project Management / Concept Iveco

Giorgio Mantovani (Genova, 03 13 1962), mechanical engineer and road vehicles Ph.D, has worked 26 years in ALTRA spa (IVECO - CNHI) on hybrid electric vehicles, Diesel electric and batteries operated vehicles as engineering responsible.

Since 2000 he was Altra “Advanced Engineering Manager”, electric and hybrid traction vehicles and subsystems development responsible and he had in charge the Turin and Madrid fuel cells buses project. Now he is concept responsible and project manager for PHEV, BEV & electrification in IVECO PD&E- Innovation Alternative Traction & Electrification (vans, trucks, busses, special vehicles). He has in charge scouting, technological development, system architecture definition up to prototyping and testing for innovative electric traction vehicles, subsystem, components (converters, batteries, drive lines, vehicle management systems, auxiliaries) and the project management for different R&D projects on HEV and BEV. He was in 7FP HCV, COTEVOS, ICE and OPTIMORE, and he is in H2020 ASSURED, GHOST and SYS2WHEEL, projects responsible as ALTRA or IVECO partner, as well Italian member in ISO TC22 SC 37 WG1

Agenda Day 1

Monday, November 2nd, 2020

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