Dr. Jean-Michel Fiard

Expert Thermal Physics and Innovation Renault

-          Since 2000, Renault

o   Since May 2017: Platform Division,

§  Expert in thermal physic and innovation

·         Cooling, comfort and thermal management domain

·         Innovation and Advanced Engineering projects

o   2007-2017: Powertrain Division,

§  Thermomechanical core competencies and Team leader

o   2000-2007: IS/IT Division

§  CAE/CAD/CAM Project and Team Leader

-          1996-2000: ALTRAN, CAE development project consultant

-          1995: University of Colorado at Boulder, USA, Post-doc, Multigrid methods for CFD

-          1994: Université de Savoie, France, PhD Modeling and Simulation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells



Agenda Day 1

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

9:00 AM A full vehicle simulation approach to optimize energy management of EVs

• Simulation methods for small LCV including physical system and control strategies
• Finding the optimal architecture, strategy and control to satisfy all requirements
• Application to battery thermal management, cabin comfort and a case study for shuttles

Workshop Day

Thursday, February 13th, 2020


Simulation is a great tool to save costs in vehicle development. This applies especially to the thermal management
system of xEV where numerous options are under study today. In this workshop we go into details
of the multi-physics simulation approach and review some applications and case studies. We discuss:
• Objectives and the limits of such thermal and
energetic synthesis models that allows to simulate
customers cycles
• Methods including physical system modelling, vehicle
model assembly, control and strategies implementation
without forgetting correlation with measures
• Concrete application to PV or small LCV for battery
and powertrain thermal management & cabin comfort

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