Thermal Management for EV/HEV 2020 | Conference Agenda

Thermal Management for EV/HEV 2020 | Conference Agenda

Current automotive market is expected to offer carbon-free mobility and energy efficient vehicles. To achieve this, car manufacturers have to look at every single energy consumption point of the vehicle to create a holistic overview of how thermal energy is distributed within vehicles. Thermal energy is necessary to be controlled on both cabin and battery levels.

Discuss thermal management challenges and solutions with MAHLE, SERES EV, Continental, Streetscooter and University of Maryland among others at the Thermal Management for EV/HEV Conference 2020. Save the date from 10 - 13 February and come to Berlin, Germany.

Why you should attend the conference:

  • Meet leading OEMs from Europe, Asia and USA and hear their insights on standardized thermal management system in EVs
  • Learn how to deal with system complexity caused by combining the ICE and the electric engine
  • Compare different thermal management system architectures and their advantages and trade offs in terms of cost and efficiency
  • Discover the aspects of thermal management of next generation battery technologies, such as solid state batteries
  • Find out the newest developments in innovative heating and cooling technologies for ideal cabin comfort

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