14 - 16 May, 2018 | Berlin, Germany

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Presentation on Model Based Engineering and Safety Analysis

Dr. Tomislav Lovric, Safety Assesor at TRW Automotive Lucas Varity GmbH in Germany, made this exclusive presentation on "Model-based Functional Safety of Automotive Software". In this presentation learn about:Interface managementRequirements engineeringDesign and evaluationTest, verification, validationSafety management and safety analysisChange managementDownload the full presentation for free here.

Report on the Transition for Writing Code to Building Models

The modern car is often referred to as a computer on wheels. And this is not far off the mark, with complex ADAS and hybridized powertrains requiring millions of lines of software code to keep them on the road. Download the report here.

Report on the 5 Biggest Challenges in Model-Based Development

Car manufacturers and suppliers worldwide have worked over the years on improvements in the area of mechanics, quality requirements and logistics. However, the main differentiation factor between brands turned out to be the electronics area. Whereas areas such as power train and body had small product development cost increases over...

Presentation on model-based design approach for automotive applications

Learn more about model-based design with this exclusive presentation by Heiko Doerr, Managing Director from Model Engineering Solutions GmbH in Germany on the topic: "Model-based design approach for automotive applications".Download the presentation for free here.

General Motors Presentation on Model-based Integration Testing of Automotive Software and Systems

Expand your knowledge within this area with an exclusive free presentation by Ramesh S., PhD., Senior Research Technical Fellow, Electrical & Control Systems Research Lab at General Motors on the topic of: "Testing from OEM perspective – Model based integration testing of automotive ECUs".The presentation covers the following:Integration challenges of...

Report on Moving from Document-Based Software Development to a Model-Based System

Companies that persevere with the implementation of MBD, can reap the rewards and gain a competitive edge over those that, for whatever reason, are slow to adapt. With the future of the car likely to be closely entwined with that of software development, manufacturers should orientate themselves around model-based development, sooner...

The Future of Software Development

There is a certain amount of reluctance to readily switch to model-based development (MBD), – largely because of the software developers’ reluctance to implement changes that may introduce bugs that could delay the project. The moving from document-based software development to a model-based systen has to be gradual so as...

Model-Based Development for Complex Systems

Stefan Kuntz, Head of Software Architecture at Continental, presented at last year’s conference on seamless integrated model-based development of automotive systems. Read the presentation and find out more here.

Report - Training on Model-Based Systems Reaches a Critical Point

Download your free-exclusive report and learn about the education and training trends, challenges, and solutions that model-based systems face within the automotive industry.  Get "Training on Model-Based Systems Reaches a Critical Point" from IQPC here:

Expert interview on the latest developments in MBSE

With the future of the car likely to be closely entwined with that of software development, manufacturers should orientate themselves around model-based development, sooner rather than later. But what are the biggest issues for your model based practices nowadays?Antonello Ceravola, Principal Scientist, Responsible of the Advanced Software Technology Group at...