Complete Automotive Cyber Security eBook

The two interconnected and overlapping disciplines, functional safety and cyber security, are of fundamental importance to the developments of the modern automotive industry. The purpose of this report is to initiate discussion and provide food for thought to functional safety, cyber security and testing practitioners by providing fruitful information, and statistics to shed light on the challenges and questions that are yet to be tackled, with the purpose of encouraging automotive specialists to collaborate and offer more transparency in their work toward safe and secure public streets.

On this dedicated eBook on automotive cyber security, our focus shifts into cyber security, connected cars in a globalized environment and integration of secure automotive technologies in smart cities of the future. For this reason, we have gathered information on threat intelligence, latest hack episodes and the overlap of cyber security and functional safety. We are also presenting you with key insights from an established OEM in regards to their collaborative security strategy and whether is time to start rethinking cyber security and vehicle safety. Key information from the legal perspective of cyber intrusions are also presented to you from a current on-going class action lawsuit.

  • ARTICLE #1 "How vulnerable are automakers to cyber attacks?"
  • INFOGRAPHIC "Carjacking - risks of the internet-connected car"
  • WHITEPAPER "Connected car driving change in defect detection"
  • ARTICLE #2 "When does a cyber attack become a functional safety issue?"
  • PRESENTATION #1 "Volvo presents collaborative security"
  • PRESENTATION #2 "Stanley Law Group presents legal concerns for stakeholders: the Cahen case and beyond"



Report on Blockchain Solutions for Automotive Cybersecurity

One area which is gaining great traction in cybersecurity is blockchain, and we expect to hear much more about the technology in the coming years. Eventually, the aim is to make autonomous cars ‘hack-proof’ and blockchain security may provide the answers.

Many people associate blockchain with the digital currency Bitcoin - this was the first manifestation of blockchain in 2009 - but it can be used in many applications where security of data is important.

What potential does it have for the automotive industry?

Automotive IQ has written an exclusive free report on the topic of "Cyber Security in the Age of Autonomous Vehicles - Use of Blockchain Technology".

Download the full report for free here

Report on Balancing Infotainment with Security in the Automotive Industry

Confronted by customers’ demands for a better user experience, manufacturers will continue to expand connected infotainment options and services, often via the IoT; however this needs to be balanced against the increased risk of cyber-attack.

Taking up the challenge, suppliers have developed several strategies to reduce the risk while maintaining the OEMs flexibility in offering wide ranging infotainment solutions that meet consumers’ expectations. These solutions usually form part of the overall security strategy for the connected platform. Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive free report written by Automotive IQ on the topic of: "Balancing Infotainment with Security".

Download the full report for free here.