19 - 21 November, 2019 | Dorint Hotel Sanssouci Berlin/Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany

Malcolm Fox

R&D Manager Nylacast Ltd
Malcolm Fox is the R&D Manager at Nylacast Leicester and also Royal Academy of Engineering Professor in Mechanical Engineering in the University of Bradford. He worked closely with Nylacast since 1989 whilst at de Montfort University and joined Nylacast in 2004. Malcolm is responsible for improved performance polymers based on cast nylon-6 and has developed higher temperature resistant nylons, formulations resistant to environmental degradation, anti-static/low friction nylons, antibacterial/fungal nylons and impact resistant nylons. He also works on improved and more relevant testing methods for EPS gears and materials. His Bradford research group is closely aligned with Nylacast and works on polymer tribology, low friction, lubrication of polymers and wear rates under various conditions.