Barna Szimandl

Project Leader Brakes Thyssenkrupp Presta AG

Conference day 1

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

3:40 PM Roundtable sessions

Table 1 | Cross redundancies between steering and braking

Table 2 | Requirements for future brake layouts: component sizing, performance requirements

Table 3 | Requirements for power supply for brake systems of the future

Conference day 2

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

12:40 PM Panel Discussion | A need for integrated vehicle motion control

It is agreed by the main players in the automotive industry, that the future needs for comfort, safety and performance will require a more advanced approach to motion control on the vehicle level.
Where as before each system was considered separately (such as steering, braking, suspension), the general trends is that in the future these systems will be interconnected in a global control unit, which will supervise the motion of the vehicle. In this panel discussion experts will focus on the following questions:
• Which architectures are currently available and what are the requirements in automated vehicles?
• What options do we have for standardizing interfaces and software and how can we improve?
How about hardware (smart actuators)?
• How are the separate systems linked and what is required and what is nice to have?
• How will OEMs retain variety of suppliers and how can Tier 1s adjust their offering in this
new realm?