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Intelligent Braking USA 2019

June 17-20, 2019 | Detroit, USA

Based on 12+ years of experience in braking systems conferences.

What should you expect at the conference:

  • Get a deeper understanding of time horizon of highly automated driving introduction
  • Learn about the solutions on joint operation between ADAS and braking algorithms
  • Discover the latest developments in OEMs perception of safety measures and redundancies for L3/4 automated driving
  • Look into the benefits of electro mechanical brakes and their use potential in nearest future
  • Get to know the latest brake software safety and security concepts as well as requirements
  • Learn how motion control technologies impact development of brake systems
  • Benefit from co-located Steering Systems conference

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ZF Group Presentation on Redundancies in Intelligent (Mechatronic) Brake Systems

Expand your knowledge in this area, with this exclusive presentation by Ajey Mohile, Chief Engineer Software at ZF Group in the USA on the topic of: "Redundancy in Software for Intelligent Brake Systems".

The presentation covers the follow:

  • Redundancy Considerations in Intelligent Braking
  • Vehicle Level Redundancy
  • Sensor Redundancy
  • MicroController Redundancy
  • ASIC Redundancy and Safety
  • Software Redundancy

Download the full presentation for free here