June 17 - 20, 2019
The Westin Southfield Detroit, Southfield, MI

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Intelligent Braking USA 2019June 17-20, 2019 | Detroit, USABased on 12+ years of experience in braking systems conferences.What should you expect at the conference:< ...

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Report on Regenerative Braking in an Electrified - Autonomous Landscape

As electric vehicles gain more of the market share we can expect more advances in regenerative braking. This is because such systems can help to increase vehicle range, while at the same time, potentially reduce weight and reduce cost.While developments in brake technology in the past have ...

Mando Corporation Presentation on the Future Requirements for Brake Systems

Expand your knowledge in this area, with this exclusive presentation by Ralf Leiter, Director ABS/ESC/EPB at Mando Corporation in Germany on the topic of: "Future Requirements for Brake Systems".The presentation includes the following market drivers:Particle Emmission< ...

Report on Drive-by-Wire - How to Overcome the Barriers to Consumer Adoption

In an automotive world brimming with tech developments, the benefits of drive-by-wire for end consumers are out in the open.Projections show that this technology will grow at a compound rate of 8.86% between 2018 and 2025, nearly doubling its market size from USD19.12 to USD34.63 billion d ...


ZF Group Presentation on Redundancies in Intelligent (Mechatronic) Brake Systems

Expand your knowledge in this area, with this exclusive presentation by Ajey Mohile, Chief Engineer Software at ZF Group in the USA on the topic of: "Redundancy in Software for Intelligent Brake Systems".The presentation covers the follow:Redundancy Considerations in Intelligent BrakingVehicle Level RedundancySensor RedundancyMicroController RedundancyASIC Redundancy and SafetySoftware RedundancyDownload the...