David Egly

Stylist Valeo
Dave Egly is part of the Valeo Global Styling Network that shares ideas, observations, and opinions on styling topics from around the world. He holds a number of design patents, has designed and helped promote every Valeo Technology Showcase vehicle, and works closely with customer Studios and designers to ensure their styling intent is preserved as their lamp evolves from concept sketch to production part. Dave joined Valeo Lighting Systems in 2000, and has watched happily as style, aesthetics, and technology have grown into a very important aspect of automotive lighting. Dave graduated from Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, where he studied Transportation Design.


Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

11:00 AM Designing Interior Cabin Features to Meet Passengers Needs

It is extremely important to design a product that is safe and provides a unique experience to the passenger. With mood lighting, we can promote driver safety and reduce road rage as well as adding to the passenger in cabin experience. Join this workshop to learn about mood lighting & the benefits of drivers safety & and the promotion of user experience. Then break into groups & identify how apply mood lighting into current products. The groups will evaluate the benefits, look at the design for usability, and evaluate any safety standards that they will need to meet, and share insightful takeaways.


Thursday, August 20th, 2020

11:45 AM Leveraging Ambient & Mood Forms of Lighting to Enhance User Experience & Vehicle Safety

  • How can mood lighting impact user experience
  • Review a case study on how ambient lighting affects road rage
  • Evaluate the outcomes & benefits it bought too user experience

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