May 29 - 31, 2019

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Advanced Lighting for Automotive 2019 Agenda

The conference, taking place May 29-31 in Detroit will focus on key lighting essentials to include advancements in intelligent lighting technologies, sensor integrat ...

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Heads of Lighting Development, Lighting Systems Engineers and other industry specialists are already signing up to attend the summit. Check out this document to get an inkling of whom you might run into on the show floor.

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The Future of LED & OLED Automotive Lighting

Automotive lighting, both exterior and interior, has seen sweeping changes over the last five to ten years with the introduction of LED and OLED technologies. The flexibility of the tech has created many new design possibilities, enabling functional and aesthetic improvements. Download this report to learn about the future of...

Ford & ZKW on the Future of Automotive Lighting

Automotive lighting has been the subject of great innovations in terms of comfort and functionality like Glare Free High Beam and Camera-based Front Lighting. However, the segment is being reshaped by connected, electric, autonomous & shared vehicles. Hear thoughts from Michael Koherr, Advanced Lighting R&A EESE, Ford Research & Advanced...

Automotive Lighting: Latest Technologies, Current Challenges & Trends

Ahead of Auto IQ's 4th Advanced Lighting for Automotive, we had the opportunity to speak with Simon Baker, Lighting Subject Matter Expert at Rivian to gain insights on:Challenges associated with implementing new lighting technologiesHow autonomous vehicles and the future of mobility will influence the future of lightingRecent developments in the...

A 2019 Outlook on the Latest Developments & Trends Within Automotive Lighting

The automotive lighting industry is forecasted to grow substantially over the next few years, partially fueled by the movement towards autonomous, electric, shared, and connected vehicles. With this in mind, we decided to take a look at the latest developments that have transpired this year within the automotive lighting market....

Understanding the Role and Direction of Autonomy and Mobility in Automotive Lighting

We spoke with our 2019 chairperson, Frank Schwartz, to discuss the importance of vehicle lighting and the impact Uber's 2018 autonomous vehicle accident has had on the lighting community. Schwartz also shares insights on:The influence of lighting on overall safetyRecent developments in the lighting marketPreparing for autonomous vehicles & the...

A Look at How Leading Lighting Technologies are Brightening up the Automotive Market in 2019

Download this exclusive report to expand your lighting knowledge on:OLEDs vs LEDs in 2019Recent regulation developments in the United States regarding adaptive driving beam technologyExpanding the application of lasers in lighting

A Collection of Past Presentations from General Motors, OPTIS, Ford, & AACS

In preparation for Advanced Lighting for Automotive 2019, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on:Headlamp Rating Systems: What Characteristics Are Important? How Can Ratings Drive Technology / Design Improvements?, Shannen Borngesser, Global Technical Team Leader, Exterior Lighting- General MotorsThe Future of...

Shedding Light on the Automotive Lighting Market: Technology Trends & Regulations

Ahead of the upcoming Advanced Lighting for Automotive Summit this May in Detroit, we took a look at the latest automotive technology trends. The automotive industry is in a transformational stage in terms of lighting, with several new technologies coming to the market that offer improved performance, safety and aesthetics....

The Future of Automotive Lighting: Top Trends, Challenges, & Autonomous Vehicle Lighting

We sat down with Brian Baker to discuss current trends and challenges within lighting technologies, how autonomous vehicle lighting will differ from today's vehicles, and much more. Brian Baker is an internationally experienced automotive designer, educator, historian, author and TV producer. He spent 25 years as a GM designer of...

Get Lit: the Future is Only as Bright as Your Car Cabin

Auto designer for General Motors for a quarter century, educator at CCS, Wayne State University, Lawrence Technical University, and the Cleveland Institute of Art, consultant on History Channel’s Top Gear, founder of AutoArcheology, Brian Baker has quite the rap sheet. We had the good fortune to pick his brain on...

OLED vs LED: Which Will Lead the Way?

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology is gaining traction in the European auto market, but still has yet to find purchase in the US market. This trend is set to change as the technology improves, as US automakers are already exploring the possibilities the technology affords. Will OLED disrupt the...

Trends & Technology In Advanced Automotive Lighting

In this exclusive article get an update on the growth in the lighting market, safety driving developments, technological trends in exterior lighting and interior lighting, and what the future market developments look like.

Will OLED Bring Mobile-like Display Quality to Automotive?

While economic restraints will ensure that TFT displays are more commonly used in the near future, OLED displays may prove to be a long-term successor due to superior visual quality. Meanwhile manufacturers continue to grapple with the concepts of gesture control and intuitive voice control. To learn more, read this...

Insights from Magna International: The Future of OLED Lighting Performance & Design

We spoke with Terrence Wilson, R&D Manager of Advanced Developments and New Technology Innovations at Magna International, to answer the following questions:What are a few best practices to keep in mind when defining use cases for OLED integration?What are some of the largest design challenges associated with OLED lighting today?What...

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