Dr. Karol Niewiadomski

Product Manager, Cyber Security SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH

Ruhr University Bochum - Diploma Degree in Microelectronics Intel Mobile Communications - PhD student virtual prototyping SGS TÜV - Product Manager Cyber Security, Consultant & Assessor for semiconductor and automotive projects Member in ISO & SAE 21434 standardization working group

Conference Day One

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

3:10 PM The value of 3rd party certificates for legacy IPs

Despite of the publication of ISO 26262 2nd edition in 2018, there are still a lot of so called ‘legacy IPs’ on the market, which have not been developed under the ‘ISO 26262 umbrella’. These IPs are, of course, suitable for being applied in safety-related applications, however, an appropriate, documented ‘evidence’ is missing in many cases. ISO 26262:2018 introduced different complexity classes in order to qualify legacy IPs. However, due to the complexity of certain components, it is difficult to apply / fulfil these requirements. 3rd party certificates might help to analyze, evaluate and to support these designs.

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