Jyotika Athavale

Principal Engineer, Senior Functional Safety and RAS Architect Intel Corporation

Reliability architect, SER technologist. Recognized technical leader in the area of Product Soft Error Rate modeling and mitigation, Functional Safety,Pre-silicon Reliability Verification, Q&R Goals and Use Conditions and Product Qualification.

Focus Day & Pre-opening

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

11:10 AM Functional Safety and Soft Error Rate Modeling for Deep Learning Applications

Compliance to FuSa metrics and SER requirements pose challenges for safety critical systems. This talk will focus on soft error rate modeling for functional safety, with a focus on product vulnerability factors for AI and Deep Learning applications. It will describe different considerations and approaches for derating, based on workloads, and will highlight methodologies to architect and design for transient reliability and safety in the context of artificial intelligence. 

Conference Day Two

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

11:40 AM ASIL Decomposition for high performance and high safety products

Scalable architectures and customers’ demands for high-compute and high-safety automotive solutions are challenging requirements to be fulfilled altogether. ISO26262 ASIL decomposition is an advanced technique that can be leveraged to solve the problem.

Workshop Day

Thursday, December 5th, 2019


This workshop will introduce the role of predictive analytics in supporting FMEA and FMDA for an overview of failure patterns and early quality control. We will cover how to progress to predictive failure analysis by utilizing big data from multiple data logs and sets of different product lines to identify failure trends and rates in semiconductor devices. There will be an introduction to machine learning strategies used in component level diagnostics and how to create a collaborative network of information that will help in the development of improved and more efficient safety mechanisms.

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