Conference Day Two

8:30 am - 9:00 am Registration and welcome coffee

9:00 am - 9:10 am Opening remarks by chairman

Dr. Riccardo Mariani - VP Industry Safety, NVIDIA

Dr. Riccardo Mariani

VP Industry Safety

9:10 am - 9:40 am Functional safety concept for EV platforms

Dr. Franck Galtié - Director BU Automotive Functional Safety, NXP, Toulouse
Increasing market demand and institutional legislation is driving the need for improved performance and functional safety measures in electric vehicles. This makes monitoring components within the powertrain more and more necessary. NXP has developed a functional safety concept to address these points. This session will introduce you to this safety concept.

Dr. Franck Galtié

Director BU Automotive Functional Safety
NXP, Toulouse

There is a growing interest to deploy Linux, as a safety element within safety critical systems. The Enabling Linux In Safety Applications (ELISA) Project has set out to enable companies to build and certify Linux-based safety-critical applications. The ELISA members are working together to define a common set of tools and processes to support companies in demonstrating that the system meets the necessary safety requirements for certification. The presentation will
• Detail the scope of the project and
• Outline key challenges along with the envisioned approach

Dr. Lukas Bulwahn

Functional Safety Software Key Expert


Dr. Christopher Temple

Lead Safety & Reliability Architect
ARM Germany GmbH

Table 1 | Hardware safety features and specifications for the vehicles of the future

Table 2 | The car maker’s FMEA analysis

Table 3 | How to deal with the challenges of highly automated driving

Panos Gnafakis

Lead Embedded Software Design SME - Advanced Electronics
Jaguar Land Rover


Bernd von Regius

PD - Failure Mode Avoidance - Manager FOG
Ford Werke GmbH


Dr. Christian Pfahler

Head of Safety, Reliability and Availability Semiconductor Development
Robert Bosch GmbH

10:40 am - 11:10 am Coffee break and networking

11:10 am - 11:40 am Reach target ASIL with robust fault classification flow

Jean-Marc Forey - Senior Manager Applications Engineer, Automotive Functional Safety Professional, Synopsys
ISO 26262 metric depends on the fault classification of the hardware design (safe, residual fault, single point fault, multi point fault). Reaching the target ASIL for safety-critical systems requires accurate analysis and validation through fault injection. This session describes a case study and best practices to determine the fault classification during a fault injection campaign in an IP core. We will detail the methodology and tools used in a fault injection campaign, including:
• Steps in a fault campaign flow
• Input data required for fault injection
• Methodological approach for convergence
• Issues, challenges, and recommendations


Jean-Marc Forey

Senior Manager Applications Engineer, Automotive Functional Safety Professional

11:40 am - 12:10 pm ASIL Decomposition for high performance and high safety products

Jyotika Athavale - Principal Engineer, Senior Functional Safety and RAS Architect, Intel Corporation
Scalable architectures and customers’ demands for high-compute and high-safety automotive solutions are challenging requirements to be fulfilled altogether. ISO26262 ASIL decomposition is an advanced technique that can be leveraged to solve the problem.

Jyotika Athavale

Principal Engineer, Senior Functional Safety and RAS Architect
Intel Corporation

12:10 pm - 12:40 pm Automotive semiconductors functional safety using fault-simulation

Jamil Mazzawi - Founder and CEO - Functional Safety, Optima Design Automation
In this talk, Mr. Mazzawi will discuss Optima’s automated methodology for meeting ISO-26262 requirements using fault-simulation. Starting with Static and Structural analysis for easy fault-optimization, fault-pruning, fault-collapsing and identifying major uncovered areas of the design, performing fault-simulations, guided (semi-automated) closure of the coverage gap, then porting back results to your FMEDA process. 


Jamil Mazzawi

Founder and CEO - Functional Safety
Optima Design Automation

12:40 pm - 1:10 pm Blending verification and test technologies to address functional safety requirements

Jacob Wiltgen - Functional Safety Solutions Manager, Mentor, A Siemens Business
• Demonstrating the importance of early cycle analysis
• Using DFT to close safety gaps in fully autonomous driving architectures
• A proven safety workflow for achieving your ASIL target


Jacob Wiltgen

Functional Safety Solutions Manager
Mentor, A Siemens Business

1:10 pm - 2:30 pm Network luncheon

• Predictive failure analysis to support FMEA and FMDA
• Early quality control
• Utilizing big data to identify failure trends

Chanthachith Souvanthong

Corporate Functional Safety Manager
ON Semiconductor

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Achieving Mixed Signal Functional Safety and Cybersecurity

John Hayden - WW Manager, Automotive Functional Safety, Analog Devices Inc.
Automotive semiconductors are increasingly found at the nexus of real world analog sensing, high-performance digital processing, and robust, secure in-vehicle networking. Product development organizations must reshape themselves to support the dual challenges of achieving functional safety and cybersecurity objectives. This presentation will show highlights of an organization and development flow to meet these challenges:
• Mixed signal functional safety and Analog fault injection
• Cybersecurity process for advanced sensing and networking
• Management structure and supporting processes for meshing safety and security

John Hayden

WW Manager, Automotive Functional Safety
Analog Devices Inc.

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Refreshment break and networking

Meet ISO 26262 working group Committee Members and get the opportunity to clarify doubts in this open session. Participants will be asked to choose two from the six tables available, each one moderated by an expert who specializes on a specific section of ISO 26262. There are 25 minutes allotted for each table discussion participants choose.

Session I 16:00 pm – 16:30 pm
Break for Switching 16:30 pm – 16:40 pm
Session II 16:40 pm – 17:10 pm
End of open discussions 17:10 pm

How it works: During the conference, you will write down which paragraphs of the ISO26262:2018 standard you would like to see addressed. After receiving the information, you can discuss your comments and comments with the respective working group members of the international ISO 26262 working group (ISO/TC 022/SC 32/WG 08 „Functional safety“).

Samir Camdzik

Systems Engineer, Automotive & Safety Power Product Line
Texas Instruments


Dave Higham

Principal Functional Safety Engineer
Imagination Technologies


Chanthachith Souvanthong

Corporate Functional Safety Manager
ON Semiconductor


Riccardo Vincelli

Director of the Functional Safety Competence Center
Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH


Lisa Clark

Senior Functional Safety Manager

5:15 pm - 5:30 pm Closing remarks by chairman and end of main conference

Dr. Riccardo Mariani - VP Industry Safety, NVIDIA

Dr. Riccardo Mariani

VP Industry Safety