Jyotika Athavale

Principal Engineer Intel

Reliability architect, SER technologist. Recognized technical leader in the area of Product Soft Error Rate modeling and mitigation, Functional Safety,Pre-silicon Reliability Verification, Q&R Goals and Use Conditions and Product Qualification.

Focus Day | Safety standards beyond ISO 26262

Monday, June 15th, 2020

3:00 PM Safety Standards for Avionics and Transportation: Overview of Requirements

This presentation will describe the safety requirements for safety critical avionics and railway signaling systems, including DO-254, DO-178, CAST-32A and CENELEC standards. The talk will also cover the mapping of avionics (DO-254) and automotive (ISO26262) standards, in the context of multicore SOC based systems. A comparison of safety integrity requirements between standards/domains and artifacts needed to ensure compliance to requirements for these safety critical systems will be discussed.

Workshop Day

Thursday, June 18th, 2020


Focus: Multicore SoCs in IOT safety critical system

This presentation will feature an overview of dependability considerations to enable multicore SOCs in IOT safety critical systems, including RAS, functional safety, security and real time considerations. With the increase in functional integration of safety critical systems, complex multicore SOCs are needed to satisfy processing performance requirements of the digital electronic hardware. Multicore processors introduce new instances of potential interaction between applications. Analyzing the interference for shared resources between partitions needs to be comprehended. Also, security concerns are growing with increased connectivity and vulnerability to attack needs to be mitigated. Newer devices also incorporate COTS features such as TCC and TSN, have the potential to alleviate certification challenges and meet the requirements for safety critical systems.

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