Welcome Letter from Chairman for our Guidance of ISO 26262 to Semiconductors USA Conference

"I am excited to have all the experts on semiconductor FuSa joining this conference with me as it will be a unique opportunity to spread out knowledge and having exclusive insights on that very hot and important topic. The continuous progress on ADAS and autonomous cars brings great opportunities. However, at the same time the complexity of H/W and S/W elements involved in those architectures is exponentially growing, causing new technical challenges and liability concerns. This is the reason why Functional Safety (FuSa) is so important because it addresses those concerns by a combination of requirements, guidelines, techniques and methodologies. Starting from the work done in ISO/PAS 19451-1, the 2nd edition of ISO 26262 is adding an important focus to semiconductors with a dedicated part (ISO 26262-11) on 'Guideline on application of ISO 26262 to semiconductors" 

Riccardo Mariani, VP Industry Safety, NVIDIA


This event is designed and presented by the expertise of national and international members of ISO/TC22, from national to international voting members, and ISO 26262 Part Leaders, in a one of a kind four-day event.

Our semiconductor safety conference is known for its focus on hardware safety. Yet, we see the growing importance of and challenge with software safety. Given this and the fact that software develops to the differentiation factor per excellence, we will dedicate a good number of presentations to software, including topics such as ASPICE, SEooC for software and safe AI.

Simultaneously, we stay focused on hardware safety, as we experience strong discussions on topics such as the SEooC lifecycle, the tension between safety and availability, and safety analysis like ASIL decomposition. Those topics remain unresolved puzzles and we agree that further debate will stimulate advancements in hardware safety.

The market sees more and more safety standards popping up, all with the aim to make complex safety processes easier to understand and to execute. Let us spend an entire day walking through the most important safety and security standards. Leaving ISO 26262 aside for this day, we will look into existing and upcoming standards such as ISO 21448 SOTIF, UL 4600, DO-254 for avionics and ISO/SAE 21434 on cyber security. 

Get inspired by other industries with safety critical systems. The robotics, aviation and railway industry, all work together towards full automation and can serve the automotive industry as an example to follow.

This conference is dedicated to the semiconductor industry and will tackle safety challenges in the automotive industry

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Get an overview on the most relevant safety standards at our Focus Day

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Discuss the challenges with software safety

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Cost optimized strategies for Functional Safety

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Get inspired by aviation and railway industry safety

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How to best manage safety and security jointly  

Featured Speakers

Learn from presentations - some of which include:

System Level Radiation Testing for Safety Critical Platforms

Applying the ISO 26262 SEooC model to software

An agile approach for ASPICE and how it can be used with functional safety 

Feedback from 2019 Audience