Morgan Berthold

Program Manager TRI

Morgan Berthold is an Agile/Scrum expert and enthusiast. He has been working in a variety of Agile environments over the last decade, with roles ranging from Quality Assurance Test Engineer, Scrum Master, Delivery Lead, and now as a Technical Program Manager at Toyota Research Institute, wherein he also serves as an Agile Coach for the development of Automated Driving. 


Morgan has worked to support teams traversing fixed deadline projects and startup companies quickly delivering high value products, all while leveraging the Scrum framework to quantify the trade-offs and narrowing in what is the minimum viable product. 


Now working in automated driving, involving a mix of researchers, highly specialized individuals, and physical hardware, and real-world operations in unstructured environments, he challenging the organization to be more Agile in their day to day operations.

Main Conference Day 1 - Thursday February 27th, 2020

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

2:15 PM Challenging the belief that… Research + Highly Specialised Teams + Vehicles/Hardware != Agile

·         Researchers sometimes spend years solving the world’s most complex problems. How can the research be supported, while enabling cross functional development efforts?
·         Highly specialized individuals are in a similar situation, do you really want them to slow down to learn other areas of the system that could take years to grok?
·         Layer in vehicles and hardware with long lead times to the points above, and you have yourself some really interesting problems to solve with an Agile mindset!
·         During this session we’ll be discussing how to transform vertical/siloed organizations through managing the overall program to leverage the benefits of the Agile and Scrum

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