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A Letter to Convince Your Boss

Present your approving manager with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend Agile for Automotive 2020 and you'll be sure to receive permission to join us.

Agile Silicon Valley - Current Attendee Snapshot

Get a sneak peek of who you can expect to meet and learn from at Agile Silicon Valley this February!

Agile for Automotive Past Attendee Snapshot

Join us as at Agile for Automotive 2020 as we gather mobility and transformation experts from Agile Coaches/Leaders, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, DevOps, Chief Engineers from OEMs, Tier1’s, Disruptors and community stakeholders.


How to Select and Develop Individuals for Successful Agile Teams: A Practical Guide

McKinsey & Company and conducted a joint study exploring the values and traits that make agile teams successful, helping to guide companies with concepts and ways to better recruit and coach their teams. The study looks at the personality traits and work values in two crucial roles for agile...


Agile Transformation Spotlight: The Success Story of Scrum & Toyota

Ahead of Agile for Automotive, we sat down with two of our keynote speakers, Dave West and Nigel Thurlow, to discuss:The history of agility in the context of the automotive industryHow Toyota Connected revolutionized the standard for enhancing and developing agility in lean product developmentWhat the new automotive 'agile' operating...

Exclusive Content

A Primer on Agile and Scrum Development Techniques

In 2001, 17 software practitioners met to discuss several different methodologies for programming. Out of this meeting came the Agile Manifesto, a new methodology for software development which challenged the idea of traditional sequential development.

Agile for Automotive - Challenges of Scale

Agile methods can be utilized by OEMs to increase the frequency of delivery, to instill an environment of iterative product development, and to act quickly to meet customers needs based on their feedback. To learn more about the agile manifesto, download this exclusive content piece.  

Why DevOps is the Future of IT

DevOps is short for Development and Operations. It is based on the principles of LEAN and Agile. Although there is much speculation about how to successfully deploy DevOps, do not make a mistake and ignore it. It is the future of IT. 

Four Critical C’s of Agile Transformation

There are many different ways to transition to agile, and each organization must choose the right format, the right leaders, and the right methods to suit their contextual business. If agile methods are to be truly accepted at any organization, the four Cs: Change, Culture, Communication, and Cost, will be...

Past Presentations

Stack Overflow Presentation

Download the slides for Stack Overflow and Alex Miller's session: Leveraging Your Knowledge Communities To Lead Digital Transformation.