May 15 - 17, 2019
Embassy Suites by Hilton Detroit Livonia Novi, Livonia, MI

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Agile IntegrationExplore the automotive and mobility industry’s focus on integrating Agile across teams.Culture Change


Jan Larsson on Using Agile to Meet Demands in Complex Vehicle Systems

Jan Larsson Q&A on Using Agile to Meet Demands in Complex Vehicle Systems, along with answering:How do you see the role of Agile methodologies in the automotive industry evolving over the next 5 years?What advice would you offer to those looking to help automotive leadership understand and implement agile methods?What...

Leading Culture Change: Helping Automotive Leadership to Understand & Implement Agile Methods

We sat down with one of our keynote speakers, Evangeline Bletsis, to answer the following questions:How will the role of agile methodologies in the automotive industry evolve over the next 5 years? What advice would you offer to those looking to help automotive leadership understand and implement agile methods?What are...

Integrating Modern Agile Engineer Processes into Auto Products with David Rush

Ahead of the Agile for Automotive Summit, we sat down with one of our expert speakers, David Rush, Chief Methodologist and Principal Director Industry X.0 Consulting, Connected Products & Lifecycle Services at Accenture, to answer the following questions:How has Accenture’s AutoScrum transformed product development processes?What are some of the largest...

Agile Transformation Spotlight: The Success Story of Scrum & Toyota

Ahead of Agile for Automotive, we sat down with two of our keynote speakers, Dave West and Nigel Thurlow, to discuss:The history of agility in the context of the automotive industryHow Toyota Connected revolutionized the standard for enhancing and developing agility in lean product developmentWhat the new automotive 'agile' operating...

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Achieving Safety-Critical Development Maturity with Agile/DevOps ALM

In this whitepaper, the independent analyst firm Ovum investigates the benefits of integrating ALM and Agile/DevOps practices in the development of safety-critical products. Download this paper to learn more about:The use of Application Lifecycle Management and Agile scaling frameworks (such as LeSS and SAFe) in regulated developmentA case study with...

How to Select and Develop Individuals for Successful Agile Teams: A Practical Guide

McKinsey & Company and conducted a joint study exploring the values and traits that make agile teams successful, helping to guide companies with concepts and ways to better recruit and coach their teams. The study looks at the personality traits and work values in two crucial roles for agile...

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