Agile for Automotive 2020

26 - 28 February, 2020

Transforming the Way We Develop Mobility
Following the growing success of our Detroit based event and increasing market demand, Agile for Automotive will be coming to the West Coast! Agile SV will bring together the latest training and insights needed for continuous improvement of your Agile and DevOps transformation processes this February 26th-28th in Silicon Valley. Join us as we gather mobility and transformation experts from Agile Coaches and Leaders, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, DevOps, Chief Engineers from OEMs, Tier1’s, Disruptors and community stakeholders.

Experience an event that is “Hands on and forward thinking with lessons learned from Introductory Agile to Advance levels of Projects, Use Cases and Methodologies” (VP, Agile Coach, Ford)
Join the leading agile event series as we delve into:

Product Journey - Discuss the framework and scalability of your transformation process as we look at quality assurance, compliance and risk management. What is needed to across the product life-cycles and what technologies can we leverage to measure productivity and success?

Team Journey - Transformation is not an easy order and comes with growing pains. Learn about overcoming objection and getting senior management on board and develop a road map addressing the culture and skills gaps you have on your team. We will be asking the community to share about how they are breaking through team silos, laying the foundations, and keeping the momentum going for their agile journey.

Design Your Own Experience:
  • Think Tank Discussions Customize your learning experience and have your voice heard in our interactive roundtable discussion groups.
  • Professional Growth Join our interactive Masterclasses and tracks with content dedicated to your professional growth and development.
  • Team Building Bring a colleague and participate in our team building challenges and divide and conquer the programs content so you can share with each other what you have learned.


Why Attend?


Automotive Industry Leaders
Share, connect, and learn from OEMs, Tier 1 companies, and disruptors.

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Agile Integration

Explore the automotive and mobility industry’s focus on integrating Agile across teams.

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culture change

Discuss changes in vehicle product development thinking across your organization and supply chain.

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case studies

Hear how companies like Toyota, Google, Volvo, and Ford are using Agile for vehicle and connected product development.

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scaling agile

Have face to face discussions on ideas for scaling Agile with top leaders across automotive and connectivity throughout the supply chain.