11 - 14 November, 2019
Hotel Palace Berlin, Germany

Evening Site Visit

Engineers on the go! Follow up to a site visit and a one of a kind evening event at Berlin's Classic Remise*.

*remise /rɪ'mi:z/ - a coach-house (Shorter Oxford English Dictionary)

The Classic Remise Berlin, a center for vintage cars, was opened in 2003 in a historic tram depot, originally built in imperial times, construction starting in 1899. Some architectural changes to the building were made in the 1920s. There were limited damages in the war, the places where firebombs damaged the building can still be seen on the ceiling.

After the tram system was given up in then West-Berlin in the 1960s the depot did not serve any purpose and was in decay until the present owners bought it in 2002 and started to reconstruct it into a classic car center. Now there are garages, services and dealers for classic cars, shops for spare parts, clothing, model cars, accessories and restaurants in this landmark building.

The old industrial architecture in combination with historic and classic vehicles will guarantee a unique automotive experience in the first classic car center of this kind worldwide.