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Development of 48V Technology in Series Production Cars

This exclusive report written by Automotive IQ shows how to meet the CO2 emission target by developing the 48V technology in series production cars.

The rise of 48V technology - OEMs implemeting new technologies & suppliers developing new systems

In recent years, 48 volt technology has been identified as an answer to some of the challenges faced by the automotive industry, and we are beginning to see the fruition of development in this area. Emission targets are a key driver for 48 volt systems, and electric vehicles and full hybrid vehicles have already demonstrated significant improvements in fuel efficiency. Thus the development of mild-hybrid vehicles has gained traction in terms of efficiency and cost. The article by Automotive IQ "The rise of 48V technology" contains information on different OEMs implemeting new technologies as well as suppliers developing new systems. Read the full article here for free, and find out how hybrid and mild-hybrid technology can offer significant improvements, as well as a significantly lower cost:

Innovations trim 48-volt battery cost, size and weight

This exclusive report, written by Automotive IQ, covers the importance of the battery so that manufacturers can continue the rapid deployment of electrified vehicles. The industry-wide drive to improve the battery has led to an acceleration in investment in electrical energy storage. This report covers all the latest innovations. Download it here for free:

Article on ISO 21780 set to make life easier for 48V system suppliers

Existing standards don't directly address the 48V powertrain. ISO has tasked the ISO/TC 22/SC 32 Technical Committee with developing such a unique 48V specification: Presently the process rests at 30.60 with the voting/ comment period having closed on 31st May 2018. Although the ISO 21780 standard is only due to be finalized in 2019 it will play a significant role in cutting supplier costs and optimizing efficiencies - find out more and read the exclusive article here for free:

AutomotiveIQ report on how 48V holds the power of life or death over the diesel

The exclusive report "48V holds the power of life or death over the diesel" by AutomotiveIQ gives insights to e.g. the improved start-stop functionality, increased regenerative braking performance through the 12.5kW BSG, optimized torque assist, as well as the possibility of OEMs to balance NOx reduction against CO2 savings. Find out more and read the complete report here for free: