Interview with Mr. Carter on the direction of future mobility

James Carter, Principal Consultant at Vision Mobility, is a 22 year vetran of the Automotive Industry, and uses this experience now in his own consulting company, where his clients include OEMs, Tier 1s, Automotive Aftermarket, Dealerships, Training, and Fleets specialists. In an exclusive interview with Automotive IQ he answered questions about the direction of future mobility, as well as where 48V fits into the long term picture of it. Read all questions and answers, and download the complete interview here for free:

Volvo on 48V in Commercial Vehicles

Yann Boëté, Engineering Leader for Engine Power Electrical Actuator from Volvo Group in France, made this exclusive presentation on the topic of "48V technologies applied to commercial vehicle".

Download the presentation for free here.

Interview with VP Engineering at SEG Automotive Germany

Automotive IQ talked with Marc Uhl, Vice President Engineering at SEG Automotive Germany GmbH, and answered the following questions, among many others: 

  • What were the challenges with serial production of motors?
  • The most used topology in current 48 powertrain systems is P0. What are the future prospects for the other topologies?

Download the complete interview here for free:

Interview with the Technical Specialist - Power Systems at Jaguar Land Rover

Automotive IQ spoke with Stephen Pickering, Technical Specialist – Power Systems at Jaguar Land Rover, and discussed the following questions:

  • How can ISO 21780 help to facilitate the progressive introduction of nominal 48V systems into road vehicles?
  • How to overcome remaining challenges such as wiring harness to make 48V a standard technology?
  • What will be the role of 48V beyond mild hybrid realm and will it still be relevant when most cars will be fully electric?