Download the Preliminary Agenda 2019!

Download the Preliminary Agenda 2019!

The world‘s largest and longest running 48v event is back this year in Berlin from 12 − 15 November! 

Join the 7th International Conference Automotive 48V Power Supply Systems, an extensive knowledge exchange to:

  • Hear the latest developments from top OEMs and Tier 1s about making a business case for 48V power supply system, requirements for high output power, battery technology and power electronics.
  • Learn about the application of 3-voltage networks (12V, 48V and HV) and how to overcome the challenges of safety, complexity and cost in an interactive focus day.
  • Find out what the new emission EU regulation implies for 48V power supply systems for passenger cars and heavy duty trucks.
  • Discover what’s new in the area of battery technology, power electronics, 48V pure electric vehicles, and electrifying auxiliary functions.
  • Discuss how to transition to a power supply independent of 12V.

Learn more by downloading the by preliminary conference agenda here:
Interview with Mr. Carter on the direction of future mobility

Interview with Mr. Carter on the direction of future mobility

James Carter, Principal Consultant at Vision Mobility, is a 22 year vetran of the Automotive Industry, and uses this experience now in his own consulting company, where his clients include OEMs, Tier 1s, Automotive Aftermarket, Dealerships, Training, and Fleets specialists. In an exclusive interview with Automotive IQ he answered questions about the direction of future mobility, as well as where 48V fits into the long term picture of it. Read all questions and answers, and download the complete interview here for free: