Download the 48V Conference Agenda 2019

The world‘s largest and longest running 48V event is back this year in Berlin from 11 − 14 November 2019!

Join the 7th International Conference Automotive 48V Power Supply Systems, an extensive knowledge exchange to:

  • Hear the latest developments from top OEMs and Tier 1s about making a business case for 48V power supply system, requirements for high output power, battery technology, and power electronics.
  • Learn about the application of 3-voltage networks (12V, 48V and HV) and how to overcome the challenges of safety, complexity and cost in an interactive focus day.
  • Find out what the new emission EU regulation implies for 48V power supply systems for passenger cars and heavy duty trucks.
  • Discover what’s new in the area of battery technology, power electronics, 48V pure electric vehicles, and electrifying auxiliary functions.
  • Discuss how to transition to a power supply independent of 12V

Learn more by downloading the conference agenda here.

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