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Infographic: Deliver safer, more secure automotive software

Posted: 11/03/2014

The number of electronic control units (ECU) in cars is growing constantly. Today, basic models contain about 30 ECUs and luxury models often contain more than 100. From safety controls to telematics to the latest infotainment systems, there are no signs of that the growth of automotive software is slowing.

Deliver safer, more secure automotive software

Automobile manufacturers rely on safe and secure software code. The consequences of software problems in cars can be dramatic, forcing manufacturers to recall millions of vehicles globally. At the same time government and industry standards, such as ISO 26262 call for compliance when it comes to software systems in cars. Therefore software code should not only be safe and secure, it should also be reliable to prevent mission critical code failure

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Three Ways to Deliver Safer and More Secure Automotive Software.

Posted: 11/03/2014