Peter Rössger

Peter Rössger is founder and owner of beyond HMI/////. beyond HMI///// focuses on creating knowledge on the human in autonomus driving, HMI concepts, usability and user experience for the automotive industry, the Industrial Internet, mobile machinery, and software applications. We perform studies on markets, cultures, usability and user experience. Our strategic market analysis give deep insights into automotive markets, usability and user experience trends and technologies. Target is to lift our clients to new levels of business, success, and satisfaction. We use our knowledge to develop HMI concepts for our customers. This includes among others strategic options, scenarios, user journeys, use case identification, interaction designs, and the roll out of specifications. Since summer 2016 Peter is Assistant Professor for Human Factors at the International School of Management. In 2017 he received the certification as a Systemic Management Coach by the ICF. Until early 2015 Peter was Business Development Director at TES Electronic Solutions GmbH. During his 12 years with Harman Automotive he created HMI concepts for automotive OEMs like Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, Hyundai, PSA, Ferrari, and Harley Davidson. For Daimler he worked 4 years in driver-vehicle interaction. Peter holds a doctorial degree in Human Factors Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin. He published various papers on usability, user experience, cross cultural HMIs, and autonomous driving. His first book was published on Amazon KDP in November 2016. Peter lives at Böblingen near Stuttgart, Berlin and Port d'Andratx, Mallorca.

This report covers the CES 2018. Focus of this report is on the automotive HMIs shown at the show. The information was collected by visiting the booths in the North Hall of the event location and booths in the other halls and location, that are automotive related. Besides analyzing the exhibits, discussions with booth personnel where held where...Full Article »