Roman Engel is the CEO of Daubit Programming Service GmbH. In this interview, we discuss apps in the context of the automotive industry. Daubit has been developing mobile solutions since 2008 and have programmed over 100 apps. "It is an adventure for all of us. It is not a challenge, it is an adventure…And I think in the future it will...Full Article »
Autonomous Car Navigates the Streets of Berlin Researchers from the Free University of Berlin traveled 80 Km in total as passengers during a test drive of their autonomous car "MadeInGermany" made over the weekend. The car is driven by computers -- the safety driver behind the steering wheel monitors only the car’s behavior. The...Full Article »
Dr. Garcia discusses the challenges of creating a warning signal for visually impaired pedestrians when an electric vehicle approaches. Learn about the scope of this interesting European FP7 Project....Full Article »