Tire Industry Monthly Posts

This is the time of year when we plan which shows we are going to attend. And – my goodness – there are a lot of them.Next week most of the tire world will be in Cologne for the Tire Technology Expo. This has becom...
As many of you know, I have been looking hard at the China tire industry for the last few months. That research has led me to an interesting conclusion, which could affect the strategic direction of some of the top tire makers. I think that the...
This column will appear in early December, as much of the world's tire industry is in Shanghai for the Reifen China 2014 rubber tech fair. I'll be there and I know what the main topic of conversation is going to be: The dual im...
Today I am going to talk about the impact of low natural rubber prices. I make no apology for this column – it is something I feel strongly about. On one level it is a simple topic, but at another, immensely complex, covering global geo-po...
In the middle of September a determined government in a major country brought in a new set of laws applicable to the tire industry. The new legislation came into effect on 1 October 2014. It is, by some interpretations, the most stringent in the...
Online Tire Retailing
Published: 2014-09-02
Sales of tires bought through online tire stores are on the rise around the world. Current estimates put online sales in Europe at around 10% of the market or 25 million units. In China the percentage is lower, but still in the tens of millions...
Tires, Legislation and Safety
Published: 2014-08-01
A couple of news stories this month set me thinking about the question of how we legislate – or not – to maintain tire safety. One was fairly high-profile, the other less so. The high-profile story concerned the United State...
Tariffs and China
Published: 2014-07-07
Over the last few weeks the United States has been debating whether to impose tariffs on car and light truck tires originating from China. A preliminary decision is due on 18 July which must be communicated by 25 July I strongly suspect...
When consumer labels for tires became mandatory in Europe at the start of November 2012, few of us realised what impact they would have for upstream suppliers to tire makers. We all know that Lanxess, Versalis, Styron, Solvay, PPG and o...
Tire Makers Increase Customer Focus
Published: 2014-05-06
The world's tire industry is changing. Tire makers are striving to become more focussed on the customer. Goodyear got there a few years ago, but it took a near-bankruptcy to trigger the change. Bridgestone has brought...
China's car tire industry needs a PR expert to help it retrieve a major developing problem.That problem is the increasing prejudice against any tire made in China. I don't just mean China-branded tires, but the same prejudice is starting to...
Sustainability, Risk and Rubber
Published: 2014-03-17
Hello. Automotive IQ has asked me to write a blog about the tire industry. This is my first attempt. Sustainability means different things to different people. Ecologists think it is about preserving resources and improving the environm...

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