Automotive IQ will be hosting the following online event taking place 20-22 March 2018, and will feature solutions to the on-going challenges of Autonomous Drive for Automotive.
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The contributors in this report shared their expert perspectives on smart mobility and how it can solve a wide variety of their transportation issues. They discussed how smart mobility will impact infrastructure, as well as the roadblocks they face. The experts also disclosed their current priorities for smart initiatives, how they see the future Learn more
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Car manufacturers are constantly seeking new ways in which to make vehicles more technologically advanced, to the point that the sci-fi concept of robot cars may not be too far away from becoming a reality. What innovations can we soon expect to see in new cars?
According to many experts in the field of generational wireless, the coming fifth generation (5G) major upgrade will create the actual Internet of Things, a concept of connected machinery that heretofore has been a scattered collection rather than a cohesive system.
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Get to know Smart Mobility 2018 speaker Dr. Alain Kornhauser, Professor of Operations Research & Financial Engineering, Princeton University in this short interview where he shares how he sees the future of smart mobility heading, his priorities, key challenges, and more! He additionally is the Director of Princeton's Transportation Learn more
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As leading economies around the world push to achieve their smart city ambitions, their public transport systems and road networks are becoming the targets of massive investment and restructuring initiatives designed to achieve true “smart mobility”. The US intelligent transportation systems industry generates more than $48 billion in revenue for Learn more
Driver assistance systems are packed with sensors and algorithms and making sure that these complex systems work as intended is a difficult task.
This whitepaper on the Legal Landscape of the Autonomous Vehicles summarizes the current activities and trends in the US and Germany that are perceived to be most affecting this innovative space.
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