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Contributor: Siddartha Khastgir
Posted: 02/16/2017
Hazard analysis process has been affected by issues of reliability and validity. While, industries like automotive, process and aviation have acknowledged these issues, a solution to solve these issues still evades the industries. The automotive industry provides an additional challenge for the “possible” solution as it has to meet the strict time and cost constraints of an automotive product life cycle.
Contributor: Saint-Gobain ABI PR
Posted: 03/06/2016
In markets, such as the US and Europe, car ownership is declining in favour of mobility-on-demand services, such as City Car Club. Such services are growing so popular, in fact, that the European car sharing fleet is on track to reach 100,000 cars by 2020 , a ten-fold increase since 2009. With this vehicle sharing in mind, the quality of the mechanisms used for seat adjustment is becoming more and more important to accommodate various drivers’ needs and individual preferences.
Contributor: Saint-Gobain ABI PR
Posted: 10/18/2015
New range of composite PFTE bearings surpass OEM needs for corrosion protection while maintaining load-bearing and light weight standards for automobiles.
Contributor: Maynards Industries
Posted: 08/27/2015
Maynards Europe GmbH, announced that they have been appointed by Li-Tec Battery GmbH, to manage a sale for three GROHMANN Lithium-Ion Cell Assembly Lines located at the Germany-based plant in Kamenz near Dresden.
Contributor: Rapita Systems
Posted: 01/18/2015
To address the challenges of building correct software timing behavior into automotive embedded software, Rapita Systems will be hosting a free one-day workshop.
16 results
of 1